Our Services - Geriatric Mental Health Management
At Sunrise Healthcare, we have developed a unique, successful geriatric mental health management program that is designed to prosper under Medicare Psychiatric PPS guidelines by providing quality clinical programs focused on seniors which results in superlative patient outcomes.
The medical-geriatric psychiatry program that we have developed has been proven successful time and time again. Not only do we offer a full staffing model that places accountability for the entire mental health unit staff in our hands we can also provide your hospital with additional revenue streams and a number of other services that can optimize the clinical and fiscal efficiency of your program. Ours is a transparent and integrated model that works seamlessly within your hospital's policies and procedures.
Simply put, Sunrise Healthcare enables the hospital to add another productive service line, improve patient outcomes, increase your bottom line and relieve you of the complexities that often come with running a specialized mental health program for seniors.



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