Full Staffing Model

Sunrise Healthcare Management programs are unique because we put our company at risk by providing the entire staff of the psychiatric unit. That means we are responsible for the recruitment, hiring, training, etc. of all nurses, physicians and support personnel as well as community relations, quality assurance and regulatory compliance. Unlike other management companies, we take full responsibility for the positive performance of the psychiatric unit.

Other services and features that we provide in relation to our full staffing model include:
  • Service Scale & Design

We assist in determining the appropriate number of beds and types of programs.

  • Program Development

We develop, initiate and manage the program based on the specific needs of the patients and community.

  • Physician Recruitment

We are responsible for recruiting and retaining the physicians.

  • Staffing

We provide ALL of the staff and management for our programs. This eliminates the hospital's need to perform human resources functions for the staff of the unit.

  • Training

    We provide initial and ongoing training for all psychiatric unit staff and also offer programs of interest to the hospital's clinical staff.



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